Intended Use

EXVASINTM is intended to assist in obtaining and maintaining haemostasis of superficial vascular puncture sites. This includes, but is not limited to, the management of superficial vascular punctures in general medical care (e.g. management of superficial vascular punctures within primary patient care as well as within post-operative and intensive patient care) as well as after radiological and cardiological vascular diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. EXVASINTM is intended to replace/shorten manual compression of vascular puncture sites up to 2.5mm diameter.

How it works

Perform vascular intervention as usual. Leave access device in situ. Expected skinadhesion sites have to be fat-free and dry.

Pull vascular access device 2-3 cm out of the vessel. Position pressure pad over the puncture channel. To perform as intended EXVASINTM must be attached circumferentially

Promptly remove vascular access. Keep digital pressure for a little while.

EXVASINTM should be fastened in such a manner as to allow for haemostasis while continuous blood flow is maintained.

More Information

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Reference Number (EAN)

7629999041271 EXVASINTM M SU/ Carton (20x)
One sales unit contains 20 applications.