Intended Use

NephroPatchTM is an elastic strip for closing the puncture site after puncturing. The adhesive Strip NephroPatchTM is intended for haemodialysis application. The external closure strip is used as a substitute for manual or mechanical compression of puncture sites by the patient or nursing staff. NephroPatchTM is a single use aid for use in chronic haemodialysis.

How it works

Perform dialysis in the usual manner. Leave fistula needle in situ. Expected skin adhesion sites have to be fat-free dry.

Position pressure pad over the puncture channel. NephroPatchTM must be attached circumferentially but holding strip must not overlap.

Promptly remove fistula needle and keep digital pressure for a little while.

NephroPatchTM should be fastened in such a manner as to allow for haemostasis while continuous blood flow is maintained. Remove NephroPatchTM after 4, preferably after 8 – 14 hours, in the same way as a plaster.

More Information

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Reference Number (EAN)

7629999041318 NephroPatchTM M SU/ Carton (25x)
One sales unit contains 25 applications.