Intended Use

NephroPatchTM is an elastic strip for closing the puncture site after puncturing. The adhesive Strip NephroPatchTM is intended for haemodialysis application. The external closure strip is used as a substitute for manual or mechanical compression of puncture sites by the patient or nursing staff. NephroPatchTM is a single use aid for use in chronic haemodialysis.

How it works

Perform dialysis in the usual manner. Leave fistula needle in situ. Expected skin adhesion sites have to be fat-free dry.

Position pressure pad over the puncture channel. NephroPatchTM must be attached circumferentially but holding strip must not overlap.

Promptly remove fistula needle and keep digital pressure for a little while.

NephroPatchTM should be fastened in such a manner as to allow for haemostasis while continuous blood flow is maintained. Remove NephroPatchTM after 4, preferably after 8 – 14 hours, in the same way as a plaster.

 Use of NephroPatchTM under pandemic conditions


"A clear increase in NephroPatchTM consumption in recent months can be explained by the organsisational protective measures aginst infection of our medical staff. The device helps our nurses to significantly shorten contact with patients in the final phase of the dialysis treatment procedure and reduce it to the bare minimum."

Dr.  Gregor Kurp, Specialist in internal medicin and nephrology,

Dialysis Center Koblenz Germany, (10.08.2020)

"We are using NephroPatchTM for selected patients  at "Nephro-logisches Zentrum Villingen-Schwenningen" for several years. Indications are patients who are not able to perform manual compression by itself, patients with post bleeding risk when out of the diallisys department and patients with long term pressure time due to anticoagulation."

Dr. med. Felix Banthien, Specialist in internal medicin and nephrology

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7629999041318 NephroPatchTM M SU/ Carton (25x2)
One sales unit contains 25 applications.